Cocoanut Grove Fire Anniversary

What was the Cocoanut Grove Fire?

Today marks the 76th anniversary of the most devastating nightclub fire in US history, The Cocoanut Grove fire which took place in Boston on November 28, 1942. The popular nightclub, located on Piedmont Street in the Bay Village neighborhood, offered patrons several levels of a tropical party atmosphere with music, dancing, dining, and cocktails. While the club’s legal capacity was 460, there was an estimated 1,000 Thanksgiving weekend club-goers there the night of the fire.

The fire, which was deemed of “unknown origin,” started at about 10:15 pm and spread quickly through the Melody Lounge on the lower level of the club. Materials used in the club’s décor and the structure of the building created a perfect environment for the fire which moved faster than the patrons could escape. Non-functioning or hidden exits, and the single revolving door at the front of the building which became inoperable as the panicked crowd charged the exit, made escape almost impossible. Many guests were overcome by smoke while still in their seats. Four-hundred and ninety-two people lost their lives.

Insurance implications

As a result of this incident, fire safety laws in Boston and throughout the US were changed to ensure the wellbeing of nightclub patrons. If this happened today, and the owners of the Cocoanut Grove had fire mitigation in place but a fire broke out anyway, the building losses would be covered. Any damage to surrounding and adjacent buildings would be covered by their own insurance policies.

How could a public adjuster help?

A public adjuster could represent any of the building owners in their building damage claims, including the owners of the Cocoanut Grove. A public adjuster would estimate the extent of the damage and the degree of coverage and act as the building owner’s representative to the insurance company. A public adjuster would also help manage remediation vendors, including emergency board-up the night of the fire. If business interruption is an issue, the public adjuster could manage that part of the claim as well.

Get more information about the Cocoanut Grove fire

Here’s a little video of experts discussing the fire:

If you want to read more about the fire, check out a book called Fire in the Grove, by John C. Esposito. It’s a great book with highly detailed accounts of the people involved, the club, that night’s events, and the aftermath of the fire.

Interesting facts

Along with several other safety laws enacted as a result of the Cocoanut Grove fire, a lesser known law is that no club in Boston can ever use the name Cocoanut Grove, forever.

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