Does the insurance company ever reverse a denial?

Yes! A few weeks ago, we published a blog post discussing what to do if your claim is denied. Well, Bob just got a denial reversed on an ice dam claim.

An ice dam forms when ice builds up at the gutters or valleys in your roof, causing water to leak into the house. The damage caused by ice dams is unmistakable: water stains and damage at the exterior walls. Look for ceiling stains, drip stains down the walls, and warping of the floor boards. It all appears at the exterior wall.

This case was a classic ice dam claim, made obvious by the water damage being solely at the exterior edge of the house. The house had no history of leaks at other times and locations which tells you the roof is good enough to keep water out. But, in spite of this obviously being an ice dam claim, which has nothing to do with the roof, the insurance company sent a roofer out to view the property. As you might expect, the roofer’s report found what the insurance company was hoping for: the roof was old and worn. Based on the roofer’s report, the insurance company denied the claim on the basis of wear and tear.

Our client had initially attempted to handle his claim by himself. But when the claim was denied based on the condition of the roof, he made the smart decision to hire Bob as his public adjuster. Bob pointed out to the adjuster that due to the location of the damage and the lack of historical leaks all over the house, this claim was definitely ice dams. The claim was denied again!

But Bob did not give up. He kept arguing that the roof has nothing to do with this claim. Finally, after much back and forth, the company reversed its decision and paid the claim.

It is undeniable! Having Bob as the public adjuster on this claim basically made the claim a success. If he hadn’t been on it, the insured would not have collected.

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