home struck by lightening

Lightning Strikes And Destroys A Home

This is a picture of the living room of a rental house that was destroyed by fire last fall. The tenants, a young couple with two small children, had just moved in and bought all new furniture. With the excitement of getting their new home set up, they hadn’t had a chance to buy renter’s insurance.

But then, lightning struck – literally. The house was struck by lightning in the middle of the night and burned for a while on the outside before it was discovered. The mom heard strange crackling noises and, thinking her boys were up, got up to tell them to go back to bed. What she discovered was a lot more menacing. The entire front of the house was on fire. She was able to get the family out safely, thank goodness, but the fire spread throughout the house and destroyed the place and all of the family’s possessions. Inspection of the property the next day revealed their beautiful new rental house, their new furniture, clothing, toys, computers, electronics, video games, food, and books blackened and burned. What the fire didn’t get, the water from the fire hoses did.

The building itself was covered under the landlord’s policy. He filed a claim and, with the help of Robert L. McCormack Public Adjusters, was made whole again. Unfortunately, even a public adjuster could not help the tenants. The young family needed to relocate and rebuild their lives from scratch.

You never expect something like this to happen – struck by lightning?? What are the odds? The moral of the story is: have insurance before you move in. It’s not as exciting as decorating, but it’s pretty great when you have a claim.

Robert L. McCormack Public Adjusters, Inc. has more than fifty years in the insurance adjusting field and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We have adjusted every type of property claim there is: fire, storms, water, robbery, you name it. Licensed in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Florida, and Texas, we can handle your claim from start to finish. Contact us today via email or telephone 508-588-4243.


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