Take some time and find the right public adjuster

How to find the right public adjuster

Your relationship with your public adjuster is an important, and possibly, a long-term one. The right fit is essential for a smooth and expeditious process. You need to be comfortable with his or her personality and communication style. You need to like each other.

Public adjusters can show up at your door while your house is still on fire and try to push you into signing a contract. These are not the people to go with. Instead, take a breath, ask for recommendations, and do your research. Find someone who has been used by someone you know who had a positive experience. Was the PA a good communicator? Was he compassionate and patient with your questions and concerns? Did she return your phone calls? If you don’t have a friend with a good referral, take a look at the Better Business Bureau website and read ratings and reviews.

Find a public adjuster who has a good amount of experience. Handling claims is a process that involves nuance that can only be mastered with practice. Your public adjuster should have several years adjusting insurance claims or dealing with insurance policies. An experienced public adjuster also has developed relationships in the industry that could help cut through red tape with the insurance company and with any vendors necessary.

Robert L. McCormack Public Adjusters, Inc. has more than fifty years in the insurance adjusting field and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We have adjusted every type of property claim there is: fire, storms, water, robbery, you name it. Licensed in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Florida, and Texas, we can handle your claim from start to finish. Contact us today via email or telephone 508-588-4243.

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