water damage

Leaky Roofs and Insurance Coverage

When you start to see water stains forming on your ceiling, the most obvious cause is a leaky roof. Is this damage covered by your insurance? The answer is probably. Can you get a new roof? The answer is maybe.

Causes of Water Damage

A few things can cause water to come into the house through the roof, like a windstorm, ice dams, a fallen tree, and openings caused by normal wear and tear. Interior damage resulting from any of these causes is usually covered by your homeowner’s policy (although commercial policies may be different). But what about the roof?

General Rule of Thumb for Roof Damage

If your roof is damaged by some unforeseen event, like a windstorm, the roof itself, and the resulting interior damage are usually covered. If water gets in through an opening created by the roof’s normal wear and tear, the resulting damage inside is usually covered, but the roof is not.

If you are able to collect on your roof, you may be entitled to a whole slope to make sure the shingles all match.

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