Late Winter Storms & Damage Costs

Winter storms, whether they are snow and ice related, or water and wind-related, cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage in the United States every year. Therefore, it is crucial to understand your homeowner’s policy to know what you are covered for. Flooding is one of the things that are not always covered by a regular homeowner’s policy, so if you live in an area where flooding happens even occasionally, you may want to invest in flood insurance.

Common Claims in Winter

Roof Failure: Due to the snow and ice of the winters in New England, we often see that the weight of this snow and ice can cause a lot of problems with roofing. One way to prevent this is by hiring a professional to clean heavy snow off your roof.

Trees Falling: Trees fall during the winter due to high winds or the weight of snow. Fallen trees can wreak havoc on your house, shed, pool, fence, and backyard. Tree claims are usually covered.

Sump Pump Failure Caused by Power Outage: We have a ton of these claims this month and it’s hard to tell people it’s probably not covered. Any type of sump pump failure, even if it’s due to a power failure outside of your home, is not covered unless you have a special endorsement on the policy.

Ice Dams: Ice dams can cause interior water damage. We saw a lot of this type of damage back in 2015 during all of the blizzards. Damage caused by ice dams is usually covered.

Frozen Pipes: The water flowing through your pipes can freeze which can cause them to burst and create a flood. This type of flooding is generally covered unless you haven’t maintained an appropriate level of heat in the house.

House Fires: While seeming like the least obvious claim that you’d have to make in the winter, house fires are common because of the increased use in heating and lighting systems in the wintertime.

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