The Holidays and Your Homeowner Policy

holidaysWhat does your insurance policy have to do with the holidays? A lot, actually. While you are busy decking the halls, making lists, and checking them twice, there are certain types of claims that are on the rise. Thefts from locked vehicles, packages stolen from doorsteps, and even worse, break-ins are more frequent between November and January.

The good news is that your policy may provide coverage for some losses you would think you’d have to pay out of pocket. For example – most Homeowner policies cover your personal property anywhere in the world. So, if your car is broken into or that new Xbox delivery is mysteriously missing from your porch, there is a good chance that your Homeowner policy will respond.

College students, in particular, tend to have a lot of expensive electronics these days. If your college-age son or daughter, and all their roommates, pack up and go home for a month or more over school break, the likelihood of a theft goes up. A renter’s policy is always a good idea, but even if you didn’t get one, all is not lost! Many standard Homeowner policies provide some limited coverage for full-time student’s belongings that are away from home.

The bad news is – some losses you think are covered may be denied or very limited under a standard policy. Theft of jewelry, silver, and furs are often limited. If you are buying new jewelry, it’s a good idea to check your Homeowner’s policy.

It’s a busy time of year and insurance policies are confusing. We’re here to help! Having a public adjuster on a claim makes it a lot easier for you. We can guide you through the maze of the policies, adjusters, and deductibles — maximize your settlement while minimizing your stress. Call us with any questions you might have at 508-588-4243.

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