The Cost and Worth of a Public Adjuster

 How Much Does a Public Adjuster Cost?

Having an insurance claim is a time-consuming, stressful, and confusing process. It’s possible to attempt the process alone, however it’s important to remember the insurance companies have the background knowledge that gives them an upper hand during the process. This isn’t great for you as the customer, but having a public adjuster on your side can really help to level out the playing field, and earn you the settlement you deserve.

In terms of cost, generally, in Massachusetts, the public adjuster fee is 10% of whatever the settlement may be, but there is some room for negotiation – it depends on the size and nature of the claim. It is possible to negotiate to a fee lower than 10%, but this could be a red flag because like in any industry, there are good public adjusters and there are bad public adjusters. There are many things to consider such as experience, and professionalism. Avoid choosing the first public adjuster that gives you a price lower than 10% because that is most likely the adjuster that will put your claim on the backburner. This can result to lack of attention, and ultimately, a lower payout than you deserve.


Is a Public Adjuster Worth the Money?

A public adjuster can generally get the insured persons a settlement 25-40% higher than they could get on their own, which more than covers the fee. The public adjuster will also save you a lot of time and headaches as a claim can take hours of paper work, dozens of phone calls, multiple meetings with adjusters, and knowledge of insurance policy language, which is extremely difficult to decipher. Hiring a public adjuster is truly worth the price.

At Robert L. McCormack Public Adjusters, we offer many services, but above all, the attention and precision that your claim needs. Contact us today by filling out our contact form, or by giving us a call at 508.588.4243.

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